There are 4 stages with a level design inspired by snes and genesys games. Collect the Cherry to unlock next levels. Grow and shrink to continue!


Hello Everyone!

i'm finally fixed the problem with the jump into the web version, also, i removed the post process effects in this version to improve the gameplay

You can still play with the old tv effect in the windows version

In the future i'll add a option to enable or disable this effect for all versions

This update bring some fixes and adjustments to gameplay and to the game difficult.

I hope you enjoy and don't forget to let me know what do you think about my game!

Grow and shrink!
Thanx guys! GG!


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This game is so much fun and stages is so cool stage 3 was actually the hardest i have spent alot of time to pass it but it was awesome keep it up ! i hope u enjoy my gameplay

i watch all your gameplay lol stage 3 its only to hardcore gamers, but there s a secret way to help some people

thanx a lot to play my game and GG!

This game honestly capture's old school gaming, perfectly. It plays like an old snes game down to even the little like, odd programming choices and limitations. It's really some great work!

Thanx to feedback! I watched your video LOL very fun gameplay!

i'll update the game on the next wednesday to fix some bugs, improve the gameplay and fix some problems with the web version...unfortunately i have to remove the old tv fx to make the game more accessible to regulars PCs, maybe in the future i put some graphics options...

Again, thanx a lot to play my game and a hope you get to the stage 3 and stage 4, there is a big surprise

It can use some work. The colliders start to mix in with the environment and even the backdrop. Make sure your backdrop doesn't have colliders because now my character has a hard time jumping. You have to mash the spacebar for your character to sometimes jump. Hope you can get things fixed!

I do not know what happened to the web version. in the executable version in window mode the problem does not occur. I am checking the project again, thanks for the feedback

I am sure it is a great game when it is working. It definitely was smooth animation and it had nice level design, good luck with everything!

Hello...i release today a update to fix the jump bug and improve the gameplay... now you can play =D


muito massa o level designer mano
curti as mecânicas tbm
agarra as estrelas aí